Saturday, April 19, 2014

Laundry room

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Well, it's not strictly going to be a laundry room.

It's so big, I decided I could make it into a video lounge room for the kids as well.
Eventually the plan is to move the washer and dryer into the furnace room. In the meantime, we will pull down all the weird shelving, terrible ceiling tiles, and extra cupboard left behind, and paint.

I'm so excited for this palette.

It's going to be amazing I think.

The best thing ever.

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I've been obsessing over a Nest for forever.

When we lived in the condo, it was an impossibility. That whole 'doesn't belong to us' thing.

I swore when I bought this place, one of the first things I'd do would be to buy a Nest and install it.

Well, I did buy one about 2 weeks after we moved in here, but then I kind of hesitated on installing it. What if I screwed something up? And the wall needed to be painted. And what if I did it wrong....

Um, yea. This thermostat was the easiest thing to install!!

I did read up on it, and watch the installation video, which was reassuring to me that I could actually do this.

Ignore the holes. And the fact that I hadn't even finished painting the second coat on the wall before I snapped this pic. The wall is not even this color in person!

I was just so excited and impressed. I had to share with my friends.

Below it is some old humidex control. I didn't remove it yet as I'm not sure if it's hooked up or not until I have the furnace guy tell me what's what.

Oh yea. Now I can sit on my couch or lay in bed and change the temp in the house!

I'm in love.


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We've been in the house now for 18 days and have gotten a start on a few updates.

I am more than slightly in love with the living room now, and it's only about 25% finished. It's amazing what paint can do.

We started with cream trim (ugh) and brown walls. My least favorite ever. Thanks for a inspiration picture of a bold living room, we are on our way to making it much more 'me'.

First step was to paint the ceiling a light purple. I can't wait to add some white coffered beams to it. I also still need to change out the lovely ancient fan.

A test spot. You can see how yellow the moulding is! The dark color looked like it would be quite the dramatic change!

First coat done. Windows caulked and painted. Makes me love them a little more.

Couldn't wait to hang my pictures. Need some instant gratification to keep me going.

The white makes a huge difference as well!

I worked on three walls first, so I could get curtains up! That was the main goal. Terrible blinds down, sheers and curtains up.

Storm and Blade love to take the tape off, even if I won't let them help paint.

I love the feel of the living room now. It's so me.

Of course I still need to hem the curtains and cut the curtain rods down. I just wanted to see some progress and not see my neighbours!

Also to be done is the board and batten and door moulding. I've left a spot for the massage chair but decided to not go pick it up yet until I've the walls totally done. No sense in moving that huge chair around.

Some day this winter, the floors will also be sanded down and stained a moody grey. I can't wait.

For now, I've got another wall still to be painted...