New House(!!!) Ideas and To Do Lists

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I'm so excited about the new house.  There's a ton I want to do and below is a few ideas and to do lists for myself.


  • Paint the tin roof from Smurf blue to black
  • Paint the house a deep brick red
  • Reroute and fix the eaves trough mess
  • Build a fence.  Thinking dark ebony stain
  • Rip the deck and sunroom off
  • New poured concrete patio 
  • Fix low spot with new concrete
  • Build a double car garage. Two doors. Black trim. Deep red siding
  • Pergola! Fairly large. Ebony stain. 
  • Hanging chair 
  • Curtains on pergola (sides and roof)
  • Hot tub
  • Deal with landscaping

General house 
  • Install Nest thermostat  Done Apr 19,14  I'm in love
  • Install Nest smoke detectors 
  • Fix bathroom exhaust to roof
Living room
  • Build sofa table
  • Thick curtains and sheer.  Maybe tubing as curtain rod?
  • Refinish floors a dark dark stain. Possibly ebony
  • Beef up doorway moulding  
  • Repaint all moulding white
  • Re do ceiling at some point. Possible built out moulding
  • Gas range
  • French door fridge possibly with ice maker for sure
  • Tin ceiling?
  • Crown moulding
  • New cupboards with tons of organization and drawers only
  • Two drawer dishwasher
  • New flooring - what I don't know..lino? hardwood? laminate that looks like tile?
  • Deal with popcorn ceiling!
  • New pendant light over sink
  • Undermount double sink
  • Reduce cupboards and height, try to work in an island ?? make better use of space for table
Storm's Room
  • Replace sliding door with new French doors
  • Let her paint one wall chalkboard
  • Board and batten walls
  • Lush curtains on both window and doors
  • Eventually fix closet situation
  • Refinish floors to a dark dark stain
  • Add organization for her crafts etc.
Master Bedroom
  • Refinish floors to a dark dark stain
  • Install epic closet system
  • Redo ceiling in cool tray design
  • Repaint it a nice grey color possibly
  • Crown moulding
  • Heavy lush curtains
Hallway Upstairs
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Possibly change both storage closets into bookcase fronts
  • Deal with popcorn ceiling (?)
  • Epic board and batten 
  • Built in handrail
  • Fake a corner post
  • Re do risers some how

  • Rip out Frankenstein ceiling and eventually have it drywalled
  • Paint all moulding
Hunter's Room
  • Rip out ceiling
  • Install new low profile tray ceiling
  • Sound proof insulation in roof
  • Paint
  • New curtains
  • Build a new epic headboard 
  • Side table or install on wall beside bed a light and stand(?)
  • Paint all moulding
  • New epic closet system
Blade's room
  • Rip out ceiling 
  • Install new low profile tray ceiling
  • Sound proof insulation in roof
  • Paint
  • Deal with that mess of a closet and shelving in there
  • Paint walls
  • Paint all moulding
  • Curtains

In the short term:
  • Paint 
  • Clean
Long term:
  • Renovate to add shower stealing space from either Blade's room or laundry/playroom
Existing Laundry Room
  • New washer and dryer
  • Hard pipe new dryer out into room (rather than in a very odd and weird little nook)
  • Paint floor for boys
  • Drain cover
  • Rip down old shelves
  • Remove all junk
  • Transform into game room for kids 
  • Eventually deal with the weird nook (!!)
Furnace Room
  • Consult plumber about moving washer and dryer back into this room
  • Build a protective cover over the water shut off pipe
  • Tidy up and clean out junk!!
  • Install shelves in cold room for storage
  • Insulate furnace duct going into upstairs entry way 
  • Remove all of Grandpa's frankenstein ceiling work (!!)

Whew...  that should keep me busy for a few years!!

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