Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Moving is terrible business. You find all the dust that has been peacefully hiding, as well as all the other detriment you didn't miss!

We are making progress though.

Or we were. Apparently I don't own the tool needed to take apart my bed! So until I can get the right size, I just moved on.

To the couch and living room!

And although, I also didn't put together the couch, it thankfully only took one wrench to take apart.

After rolling up the rug, it just all seemed like a lot of work.

What to do....

Except make a fort!

Storm and I have agreed that's quite enough work for one night.

After all we have a couple of days still ...

Denial is a beautiful place to live.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A fresh start is waiting for us.

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This house..

is soon to be our new home.

As Storm says: New home. New life.

If you look past the blue roof (what on earth were they thinking!?), and all the work, you can see it. Our future.

So exciting.

But I'm already wishing I had hired movers. Or at the very least, I need to stop pretending the month is not disappearing faster than I'm packing ...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time's a ticking

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That makes it a little more real!

Thank goodness I have amazing bosses who willingly lent us all these containers and more if we need.

Now to actually start packing.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You know you're doing it right ....

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Clayton: yea, so I have to move out of my place by the end of next month...

Me: so what's the plan?

Clayton: I don't know yet

Me: you'll have to move home

Clayton: no, I'd rather live in my car...

Parenting. You know you're doing it right when they'd rather live in their car than move home temporarily!!!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A blast from the past

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Haven't seen these around here for quite a while.

Storm's favourite. She's been asking for a while if we could have dipped Rice Krispies.

It's been so long that the chocolate squares I bought god knows how long ago didn't look so good, so they got tossed. The chocolate chips that were much newer seized up in the pot, never to unseize again. So we improvised.

We "buttered" the squares instead with the chocolate and then dipped. And then just quit buttering altogether and just dipped the gooey side of the Rice Krispie into the sprinkles. Turns out I actually like them much better without the chocolate.

But plain, sticky, still slightly warm ones are still the best!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A wiggly alligator

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When we went to Wild Florida, it was a bit of a windy cool day and we ended up having the wildlife part of the park pretty much to ourselves.

Nice to be able to gawk at the animals all you want without feeling like you need to move over and let someone else have a turn.

It also meant that we were the only ones at the alligator holding area and we got a private talk about the animals and no rush in holding Allie, the three year old alligator they use for pictures.

She was pretty wiggly actually. Warm wiggly leather with teeth.

Blade's keeping an eye on her as she was squirming a bit.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our last days

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After a very long day of travel, we have finally arrived back home. We only managed to lose an umbrella, almost lose a carry on, and have one piece of luggage stay in Chicago while we traveled home.

But who cares! We're home again!

We spent Wednesday at Universal again. It was a bit of a quiet day there, which meant everyone got to ride a wave without photo bombers.

And ride a tiger ...

And pose for a few pictures.

After going on a few of their favourite rides in Seuss land, we made our way to the Sinbad show. We didn't manage to see it last year, and the kids quite enjoyed it!

Then we decided to have lunch at Mythos. It's been voted the best theme restaurant in the world six years in a row, so we couldn't miss checking it out!

The kids liked the little details. Like Universal butter.

The food was great, and so was the dessert!

Rice Krispie Sushi. In other words, a plate of sugar...

While we were inside eating, it decided to start raining. And raining. And raining some more.

It didn't dampen our enthusiasm overmuch though. An umbrella and some ponchos saved us from the worst of it. Although, I did end up taking my shoes and socks off to wade through the small river between Hogsmeade and Jurassic Park!

Hunter and Storm decided they were already damp, and also now somewhat protected, so no reason to miss out on their favourite water rides!

Blade and I hung out and waited while they got just a little more wet.

On their way in a barrel..

We closed down the park again. The kids were troopers the entire trip.

Thursday we packed and enjoyed the pool one last time. And then it was on to one very long day of travel.

The last we will see of our umbrella!

I just hope for the return of our lost bag from Chicago!

But for now, I'm mostly enjoying being home and looking forward to the next few months!

It's moving time!!!!