Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gandalf and Blade

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I think teachers invent these costume days to torture us parents!

Monday is Literacy Day at Blade's school. He needs to dress as his favourite character from a book.

Um, yea. Okay.

So, he didn't really know who he wanted to be and I certainly had no clue. He decided maybe he should be Gandalf. Yea, sure, he's mostly known from the movies but in my defence he was in a book long before the big screen!

That still left me making a Gandalf costume and not wanting to spend a lot of money!
I thought I'd have to hit up the fabric store and spend a bunch of money and then try and source out a beard and wig (in the middle of January!!!). But then I spotted my most favourite grey throw from IKEA that I always take on vacation with me. It's seen better days. It's all pilly from a few run ins with Velcro so I figured I could make a sacrifice and cut it up to make a robe. Doesn't hurt I have two or three more brand new ones ... what can I say!! I love that particular throw!

A few measurements. A few cuts. A little bit of a time sewing and we had us a robe!

Then to deal with the beard issue. Good luck finding one of those in this place in January! So, I decided to knit one!

As modelled by Storm! Okay, it's a bit huge, but the kids seemed to love it. Only thing was, it didn't want to stay on!!

I told Blade he'd have to grow a pony. And quick!

Next up was the hat. Oh, the hat. It seems like it would be so simple to make a hat out of cardboard and some fabric! Yea, right. I did resort to buying some fabric for it. I thought I had maybe scored with a free blanket from my mom, but there just wasn't enough fabric. I really wanted felt, but I couldn't find any, so I was just happy to find fleece even!

Don't judge me on that hat! First it was too big. Then I burnt my fingers a whole lot on the hot glue. And then I ran out of hot glue. Oh, and it's Saturday night...

The "hair" I made with some strips of fleece and then sewed into the hat. I think I love the hair most of all.

Now to hope the hat stays together until Monday afternoon!!

Also, I think his teacher should just be grateful he didn't choose Gollum!

He does of a really great impression, but I'm guessing sending my kid in a dirty loincloth and nothing else probably wouldn't go over so well!!