Friday, June 29, 2012

Asparagus Harvest ... An interesting experience.

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For the past seven weeks I've been riding around in one of these.

Asparagus harvest lasts here from about mid-May until the end of June.

I met some really great people to work with. Which is a good thing, because on the days you are freezing, it's nice to have some one to laugh with. I've been hailed on. Rained on. Pulled machines through the mud. Fought off the mosquitoes. Got a sunburn through my pants. Sneezed and sneezed some more through pollen season. Learned a whole lot of Spanish and reminded myself of the Spanish I did know! I worked the festival and posed with my friend Deanna in the suit she thankfully agreed to wear so I wouldn't have too!!!

The kids came out to the festival and Storm took a hand at picking.

There were times I cursed getting up at 6:30 a.m. Times I was grateful for a latte delivery! Times I laughed so much the day was done before I knew it!

I had a blast. Even if I did think the pollen might kill me!!

I think I'm going to miss work. I can't believe I just typed that.

Although tomorrow I plan on sleeping in! At least until potato harvest starts!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror

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Is it possible to be in love with a mirror??

Because I just might be...

Oh yeah. Me likey.

And getting it on clearance rocks as well!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grade Four Graduation

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With Storm's school only going from kindergarten to Grade Four, we have another graduate in the family!

She's slightly more emotional than the other one though!!!

A fabulous bunch of kids!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

They're on the loose!!

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Look out gophers!!

Even Grandma got a quick lesson!

Too much fun!!

I may need to buy a couple more!!


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I thought Clayton got a white and orange sport bike....

Vroom. Vroom.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Empty Goodbyes

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What a weird sight!

This house has been good to us. Kids learned how to crawl, walk and talk here. How to make it up the stairs to the potty in time. How to make it back down the stairs, sometimes with the help of a chair!

We've put in dirt and sand and flowers. We've put in walls and flooring and ceilings.

I'm a little sad to leave. But I'm more excited about where we are going in the future.

I'm going to take my memories and go make some new ones!

Lookie what I see...

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Nope, it's not the truck. Those beautiful brand spanking new rides in the back make me want one of my own!!

Three lucky kids will be out and about later on! I'll share some pics of their new helmets and them riding soon!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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It's been a busy weekend and a busy week all together and I haven't had time to post about Clayton's graduation. I still don't have time to do an awesome write up like it deserves, but I will get the pictures posted at least!!

My baby all grown up!

Hard to believe Kindergarten was 12 years ago!!

Prom was Friday night. Clayton got all dressed up in his suit Grandma bought him for graduation.

We even managed to get a family picture.

Hmm. You can see where Clayton gets his stoic expression from!

Saturday was the diploma ceremony. It was really nice. Clayton graduated with honors!

Congratulations kiddo! You did it!!

And yes, I'm done taking pictures....whew!