Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Real bakers, or even those who are actually just good at this stuff, will probably not think this next picture is too impressive.

But I gotta say, as I seen them in the oven, I was more than a little impressed with myself.

Those my friends, are possibly the best two loaves of bread I've ever pulled out of my oven!!

I know what I'm having for supper....

Monday, July 25, 2011

I was prepared!

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Too bad I was prepared for the past not the future....

I cleaned out the van today after a long weekend of painting and travelling to Rimbey . What a mess six people can make. I blame the little people more than me. I finally got it clean enough to start putting stuff back into it. Clean it all out just to fill it all back up again!

Anyways, I put back in my reusable grocery bags and the container that holds the DVD headphones, and I almost put back in my old diaper bag that has a couple changes of clothes in case of emergency for the kids when I thought just maybe I'd take a look through it to see what was actually in there and maybe update it a bit.

It appears it may have been a few years since I looked through the thing! Here's a pic of what I found inside.

*ahem* Yeah. This stuff will help me out in an emergency for sure. I mean, what have we got here?? A size 3X rain coat, two 24 month shirts (no pants mind you), two pairs of tiny girls underwear, 4 pairs of teeny tiny socks (one of which is actually quite dirty), baby shampoo, baby orajel, a pen, dried out baby wipes, an open package of Kleenex and three toques.

The only thing I can say is What. The. Hell.  I've been packing that thing around for like five years too long apparently! Aye Caramba.

Now who needs a empty, hardly used travel diaper bag?? Anyone? Apparently not me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The rest of #31

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Summer laziness has hit.  I thought maybe it was only Winter that laziness hit, but the truth may be that I'm just lazy 24/7, no matter what season it is.

It was a beautiful weekend here. Canada Day we just stayed home and did a few things around the yard. Ryan fixed the lawnmower, which I had managed to pull the cord right out of last time I went to start it. RAWR. I need to watch my super strength. The kids and I mowed the lawn, (punishment for breaking the mower to begin with I think) and Ryan pulled the front door off and got to painting.

I'm going to show you the pictures, just don't hurt yourself squinting at them, trying to see the differences...

The Befores and Afters: 

Ha! Could you tell which is which?? (side note: I also like how the front light is crooked in BOTH pictures!)
How about in this one?

So shocking I know!
How about now?

Let's just say no one is stopping us in the streets telling us how big of a change it is! Although we did manage to fix and hide a wee measuring and drilling mistake made when putting in the new door handle and the door actually looks clean now! Yay for us. Taking the front door off for about 4 hours also called for some creative dog coralling.

Nothing Rodeo loves more than to run down the street as fast as possible at any given opportunity!

Speaking of Rodeo, he's been declared officially overweight. Poor guy. Maybe I should let him run free willy down the street more often??

What 'chu talking about Willis??