Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clayton's New Ride

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The new bike!

I told him I had to take pictures of it before the first ride in case it didn't look like this when he got back.

Ready to roll...if Mom would stop with the pictures.

Wait. Wait. I'm not ready for this!

Too bad Mom, because someone else is definitely ready to ride.

Please let him come home in one piece. Where did the last 17 years go??!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rodeo's Vacation

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When we came back from our trip out East, the only thing we had settled was that we would leave the house up for sale.

Although we had decided not to move across the country, we still wanted to move away from town. Unfortunately for us, we can't afford to live in the country here! It's a little insane price wise. Fortunately, we may have a solution back in our home town.

The only problem is we can't do it until next year. So we left the house for sale. I had just about decided to settle in for the summer and take it off the market in the fall if it didn't sell, and then bam!

The house sold.  And then we can't find anything to rent. And we have to be out by June 7th! And it's hard enough to find something to rent with kids, let alone with pets.

Which leads to this:

Rodeo is on his way to a foster family for a year. We are so thankful we found a really nice couple who are willing to take him. Well, technically he is on a one week trial, but I'm hoping for the best! They have a beagle already, so they know what they are getting into and they are looking for a companion for their dog. She's coincidentally named Sadie!

I hope he has a ton of fun until next year when he will come home to roam in the countryside with us!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Creatures From the Deep

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That's what I think of all day when I see these things. Tentacles reaching out from deep in the earth, questing for something.

There's a whole field of them too.

Doesn't look like a whole lot of anything does it? Just a mass invasion of some sort of creature you'd see on a science fiction show..

They look less creepy when they're sitting in my bucket though!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Denial is a busy place to live

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This sign has been rocking my world now for three days now. And tonight is the first time I've actually had time to go and take a picture of it!

Oh yeah. It's real now. There's no backing out.

Most know by now, that we are not moving across the country anymore. A change of plans has thrown all previous plans out the window. We've settled on a new vague set of plans. Because that's how we roll. Vaguely.

Now we just need to find a place to live....

Friday, May 11, 2012

Final Ink

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Ryan had his final fill today on his chest tattoo. It looks amazing. Only an hour finished it all up. After it heals, it won't look like he has four shades of black going on.

And now I will stop posting half naked pictures of my husband.

For a while anyways.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chopstick Quilt

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Remember when I said I don't know anything about knitting? That I just sort of wing it and see how it turns out?

I've no idea how people who know what they are doing line up rows, but this works for me! Chopsticks to the rescue.

This blanket turned out pretty good considering I had no idea what it was going to be when it started out. It was my first attempt at flat knitting with the forms.

The first piece was a weird size. Too wide for a scarf. Too skinny for a quilt. Once I started though, I was determined to make it into something. So I ended up making two and sewing them together.

Now I just need a little baby girl to give it to. If I can pry it away from my own baby girl!

No Touchie

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This is the sight that greeted me when I opened Storm's door this morning to get her up for school.

A trip line against brothers who may want to wake her up in the morning!

Apparently someone didn't go straight to sleep last night....

Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby K's Blanket

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Done! My first ever blanket.

I spent this morning fixing that top white seam. When I took it off the frame they way they suggested, it ended up pulling it really tight making the ends curl in.

I couldn't handle it. As it is, the blue end curls in slightly too. But I'm just going to attempt to ignore that.

It looks a bit wonky in the picture. I swear it's not. At least the "wrong side" of the lettering still looks decent.

I pulled out the stitching they had suggested and came up with my own idea instead.

The right side is fixed. The left you can see how it is still pulled in.

I think it will do.  The baby who is just going to possibly drool, puke, pee and drag it around eventually won't care it's not perfect. But then what handmade thing is?

Nothing by me anyways!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not quite what I had in mind..

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The baby quilt is coming along nicely. I even managed to figure out a way to 'fix' the bottom of hem. It comes out quite loose out of the form, but I had a little idea that maybe I could take the loose loops and chain them and it worked!

I did take a little break yesterday and made Hunter a toque. I had bought furry yarn and I wanted to see what I could do with it. He had wanted a green one so I thought I'd make the brim fur and the rest green.

Turns out, about all I wanted to do with it right after I started is break it. Much to my dismay, it has zero stretch. Go on, go ahead and attempt to pull it over the post. It'll reward you by snapping. You'll feel like snapping in no time too!

Hunter and I checked to see if it was big enough before I tied it off.  I'm not a fan. I think it's too small. Plus I don't really like the fur after all. Hunter says he likes it though, so I guess that's all that matters. I even left the 'tail' on for him.

Ryan says it can be his summer toque, since it doesn't come down far enough to really cover his ears.

In other news, I broke a peg off of the form that had the baby quilt on it. Awesome. Ryan is attempting to super glue it for me. While I wait to see if that works or not, I did what any other reasonable person would do.

I started a new project. Of course.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Neverending Scarf

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It's long, fluffy and I'm not really sure I like it.  But it's finished!

I started out just testing out the pom pom yarn to see how it knitted up. It somehow turned into a project. A never ending scarf project. One good thing about knowing next to zero about knitting is I can do any little crazy idea in my head and just see how it comes out.  The bad thing is half the time, if I knew what I was doing, I'd know not to do those crazy ideas.  I also don't understand the more complicated knitting directions at all. It's like a foreign language to me. Knittingese.

In between making the Neverending Scarf, I made Blade a neckwarmer and matching toque.

I'd like to make him a scarf too, but I can't seem to find that wool at Michael's anymore. Of course.  I also made Hunter a toque. Hey, I can only handle so much pom pom knitting....I need distractions!

I did finally finish though. And I promptly rewarded myself by starting my next little project...

Wonder how many toques and side projects I'll do as I attempt to make this baby quilt....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The winning number

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36 days our house has been on the market. 36 days of cleaning, and complaining about cleaning.
6 showings.

One showing the very first week with only fifteen minutes notice, causing Karrie to go into panic mode and tidy frantically. I recall stuffing a few dirty dishes in with the clean ones in the dishwasher. Grabbing the dog and tossing him the van only to realize he had done his business right inside the gate to the backyard. Cue more frantic cleaning up.
Only to be told in the summary afterwards, that they thought the basement smelled like dog. Lovely.

That spurred an obsession with smelling every time I went into the downstairs. I concluded to Ryan that I wasn't meant for this whole business. I was driving myself crazy.

Four showings while we were gone to PEI. Those were the best. Simply because I had no idea they happened!

Sixth showing two days ago. I had been on strike for a few days. I was only going to clean meticulously if some one called. Otherwise I was going to let those crumbs sit there until evening. It was Sunday. No one was going to come. No one had came for a week. I was going to take the family out swimming instead. We came home at 3:30 in the rain on our bikes. Clayton says there's a showing at 5. Uh, 5? Like in an hour?? Shit. Cue frantic cleaning.  That's what I get for slacking off.

Six must be our lucky number though. Yesterday, while stuck at work all day long, we had an offer.  A good offer too.

That's right folks. Barring a home inspection, which is no biggie, we are about to be officially homeless.

Did I mention there's zero to rent here? Especially with a dog?

I'd cue the frantic everything, but frankly I'm over it. Surely it will all work out somehow?

Oh dear, all this selling business has made me delusional. I told you I wasn't cut out for this!