Monday, July 25, 2011

I was prepared!

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Too bad I was prepared for the past not the future....

I cleaned out the van today after a long weekend of painting and travelling to Rimbey . What a mess six people can make. I blame the little people more than me. I finally got it clean enough to start putting stuff back into it. Clean it all out just to fill it all back up again!

Anyways, I put back in my reusable grocery bags and the container that holds the DVD headphones, and I almost put back in my old diaper bag that has a couple changes of clothes in case of emergency for the kids when I thought just maybe I'd take a look through it to see what was actually in there and maybe update it a bit.

It appears it may have been a few years since I looked through the thing! Here's a pic of what I found inside.

*ahem* Yeah. This stuff will help me out in an emergency for sure. I mean, what have we got here?? A size 3X rain coat, two 24 month shirts (no pants mind you), two pairs of tiny girls underwear, 4 pairs of teeny tiny socks (one of which is actually quite dirty), baby shampoo, baby orajel, a pen, dried out baby wipes, an open package of Kleenex and three toques.

The only thing I can say is What. The. Hell.  I've been packing that thing around for like five years too long apparently! Aye Caramba.

Now who needs a empty, hardly used travel diaper bag?? Anyone? Apparently not me.

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