Sunday, April 22, 2012

Handmade Warmth

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It all started so innocently. You see, the latest craze at school is finger knitting. Storm's great at it. She does it constantly. However, the only problem with finger knitting is the end result is only as wide as your four fingers. All her stuffies have a million scarves. Enter in a trip to Michael's and you have yourselves knitting projects galore bigger than your hand!

They only had the circle frames in stock. So Storm decided to make herself a toque. I have to say I'm a little impressed with all of their attention spans on this project. Because Storm is doing it, well now so are Blade and Hunter. And possibly mom...

Here she is using the needle to finish off the top of the hat and close up the hole. She's pretty stoked that all the variegated colors ended up lining up with each other and making a swirl on the top of her hat.

Tada! After only a few hours, she has a hat. All it's missing is a pom pom. Oh wait, we totally did that too.

Thank goodness for the internet and YouTube. Some nice guy with an accent reminded me how to make pom poms again. And yup, just as easy as it was in Grade 4. Storm was a little confused how those two cardboard discs and all that yarn was going to be able to make a pom and how I was going to get the cardboard out again. She was super impressed with it though. Guess they don't teach those uber important skills in Grade 4 anymore. She can kick my butt on a PowerPoint demonstration though!

Blade is making a neck warmer. And then a matching toque. And a scarf. Hunter is making a belly warmer (don't ask) and has plans for a toque. Storm has plans for a million more toques, and socks, and purses.

Mom has sore hands. And sore fingers. And thumbs.

We'll be warm this winter with our hand made goodies.  Even if I'm too crippled to put them on....

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