Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Backyard Projects

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      I'm still in love with my deck.  A lot.  I should hold out on these pictures and make you all come visit me instead!  Anyways.  We did order gravel for the side between the railing and the fence and also for behind the shed.  Below is the BBQ's final resting place.  I couldn't give up my seating area, I just couldn't! But it works here just as good (except Rodeo seems to be able to get past it anyways and Ryan's new project is to build a small white gate to block him out of the gravel area)

The side between the railing and the fence.  It looks SO much better, even if it really is in reality a dead-end waste of space, at least it is a pretty dead-end waste of space!!

Last year Dad had brought us a load of wood which ended up just being tossed behind the shed due to its varying shapes and sizes instead of being stacked neatly. Also behind there was a whole lot of junk and weeds. I wanted to clean it all out, lay down 3 inches of gravel, re-stack the wood on the opposite side, make a place for the bikes to go (mostly to get them out of my shed which always seems overcrowded!) and make a new place for the garbage to go while awaiting garbage day that Rodeo couldn't get in to. So of course, that's what we did!

The entrance gate for the bikes and the garbage.  Ryan made the gates with spring hinges so they automatically just shut back towards the shed.  We put a handle on this side and a swivel lock on the back side just in case our boy genius ever figures out how to claw his way into that area anyways!

The wood side.  As you can see it's practically overflowing with wood.  The underneath part of the pile is stacked nice and neat I swear, but this load of wood Dad brought us was the leftover end pieces from his firewood selling venture.  The pieces no one else wants and aren't saleable but with such a small chimera they work just fine for us. We've been making a pretty good dent in it now that summer is finally here.  This gate we didn't bother putting spring hinges on (mostly because we didn't have any!).  We just put a swivel lock on it on the shed side to keep it from opening up. 

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