Monday, November 14, 2011

A different kind of Before and After

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Saturday was Ryan's appointment to go in and get his tattoo re-inked and expanded.  It started off looking like this.

He had this tattoo when I met him. I never did like how it just ended at the top of his shoulder and after 15 years it was looking faded and needed to be re-colored.

We went into the local place and had them draw out a revamped tattoo that would be slightly larger and all black. He also has plans to tattoo down the front of his chest so they made that drawing as well. After some tweaks in the initial drawing here he is partially lined in.

Sorry about the quality of pictures. I, of course, only remembered to bring my iPad and not my actual camera. The purple part was where a lot of redraws were happening to make the shoulder look right to me.

A wee squint of pain. There was a lot more squinting, tensing and general breathing through his teeth by the time the top was colored in!

All outlined. I love it so far. You can hardly see where the original tattoo was. Too bad the real pain was about to start.

Oh, there's the real pain! Sorry if the picture's making you squeamish. It's mostly smeared black ink if that makes it any better!

All done! Well except for the healing. See all the red area. Yea, those muscles are going to hurt for a bit!

After bandaging it for 6 hours, and avoiding taking any really gross pictures of what it looks like then, Ryan had a shower. The tattoo looks amazing. She did an excellent job. If you're local and need a tattoo artist, let us know!

Doesn't even look like the same tattoo does it??

I think he might wait few months to get the chest one. The pain is still fairly fresh in his mind! I didn't feel a thing...but I do get to enjoy the results!!


  1. Umm looks a tad painful! Give my big bro a hug and stop making him get tattoos! lol

  2. Hehe. He volunteers for these things you know! I just final say in all designs and locations!!

  3. If I could just make up my mind on my foot one I would go next! I was supposed to do it this summer..when I could go without shoes or socks for a week. Of course I also thought about doing it last summer too! Life time commitment ya know, and I have commitment phobia! LOL


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