Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Memory Tablecloth Part Deux

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Whew. What would I do without my mom?

I finished cutting out the rest of the pictures while chatting on the phone with my dad and waiting for my mom to arrive. We laid out all the transfers and thankfully they all fit with room for this years too!

I was a little freaked out to start actually ironing them on. I mean what if I overheated one? What if they moved and were wrinkly? What if, what if??

terrified to actually commit to ironing!

I bit the bullet though, and with mom helping to hold them and reposition any that moved around, I managed to get them all ironed on without scorching anything!

The real moment of truth though was taking off the backing.

Tada! It turned out sooo good.

Can you spot the oops?

I'm so thankful for my mom. I mean we may have wrecked the table's finish and we may have put one of the year's upside down, but without her I'm pretty sure I'd still be sitting here thinking about getting it done!

And now that I've seen results I can't wait to get the rest of it done! And make four wall hangings too.  I'm going to go back and grab another clearance tablecloth but this time not cut off the excess length and make four longer wall hangings with their names and birthdays at the bottom. I sincerely considered just cutting this one apart! I mean how often do I use a tablecloth? But mom wouldn't let me! I think she just wants me to do another one without the mistake..and possibly make her one too!

All the hand prints are true to life size, so next time you're here, feel free to put your (clean) hands on there and see how you measure up next to the kids!


  1. OMG! This is the cutest little idea I have seen!
    Aren't Mom's great! And to think... when we were 13 years old they didn't know a thing *LOL*

  2. Thanks! It turned out so great, and yes Mom's are great too! Who knew they were so smart??!


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