Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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It's been a busy weekend and a busy week all together and I haven't had time to post about Clayton's graduation. I still don't have time to do an awesome write up like it deserves, but I will get the pictures posted at least!!

My baby all grown up!

Hard to believe Kindergarten was 12 years ago!!

Prom was Friday night. Clayton got all dressed up in his suit Grandma bought him for graduation.

We even managed to get a family picture.

Hmm. You can see where Clayton gets his stoic expression from!

Saturday was the diploma ceremony. It was really nice. Clayton graduated with honors!

Congratulations kiddo! You did it!!

And yes, I'm done taking pictures....whew!


  1. Congratulations Clayton! Nice suit!

  2. Congradulations Clayton, way to go!! We are all proud.


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