Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sea World

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Wednesday was our trip to Sea World. It was a nice relaxing day. It's such a different vibe than Disney.

We took in the wildlife sights. Toured through the aquariums. Stuck our heads inside a shark...

We fed the sharks, the seals, the manta rays and a few wild birds who attempt to get all your bait! I must say, not too many of us were thrilled about the container full of fish pieces! Like I told Storm, you just grab it without looking and don't think about it! Thankfully they have sinks and soap to wash afterwards!!

There isn't as many rides to go on, but I did manage to convince Hunter to go on the Manta with me. Storm was grateful she was too short! One of the scariest roller coasters I've been on, but I would have liked to do it again so that I could keep my eyes open through more of it!

We commemorated Hunter's survival with a dog tag.

We also managed to watch a few shows. The pirate seal show was entertaining. However of course, Shamu was the highlight!

Waiting in the splash zone seats for the show to start. Hey, if you're there, ya gotta sit in the splash zone! Although mom wasn't so sure and ended up buying a rain poncho!

They are huge! And we didn't end up getting very wet. Whew.

Storm had to stop everything to find herself.

After our adventures at Sea World, we were so lucky to be invited out for supper at Doug and Elna's Florida home.

The kids were so enamoured with the heated pool that they barely left it to eat supper!

It was a fabulous day. Perfect weather. Perfect company.

We took some reluctant children out of the pool and back to the resort.

Up next was Universal Studios and my personal favorite, Harry Potter!

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