Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disney - Day One

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January 7th, Mom, the kids and I set off onto our vacation. Disney World!

The kids took a week off of school so that we could go during low season in the hopes that it wouldn't be so busy. It was nice to leave cold Canada during the winter too! We swapped our -25 weather for +28 in Florida!

Yup, we were about that excited!!

Here we are on the Magical Express heading to our Disney resort. We manage to navigate our way out of the Orlando airport, eventually(!) and everyone was happy to soon be done traveling for a few days!

After some brainstorming between Grandma and me about which parks we should go to and when, the kids took in some swimming and then crashed for the night.

They loved that big pool right outside our rooms. It was a perfect way for them to wind down and relax after long days at the park.

After a quick breakfast, we were ready to go to Magic Kingdom for the day. We had SO much fun. We took in Pirates of the Caribbean nearly first thing.

Storm and Blade liked some of the smaller rides, like Aladdin. Blade is not too sure about roller coasters but we did get him on quite a few rides. Grandma too!

Whew. Time for an ice cream break! We had beautiful weather.

One thing I love about Disney is all the little shows. Whether it's Mickey and his friends dancing at the castle, the parades, or the random music shows you can stop and dance at, there is always something to see and do.

The kids loved seeing the fireworks. I took Storm and Blade on Space Mountain. It was worth the line up. Storm wasn't too sure she wanted to go on it, but I forced her anyways. Hilarious. Storm screamed her head off. Seriously the highlight of the day for me! And for the record, she wanted to go again! I'm so lucky Hunter loves the roller coasters and will go with me. We went on quite a few that day. We are slowly converting Storm too!!

After an extremely long jam packed day, we headed back to the hotel to swim and sleep. After all, Sea World was up next and we needed at least a little sleep!

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