Sunday, May 4, 2014

Laundry room update.

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Last night, I finally got the rest of the molding I had cut, up and caulked.

Today, I touched up all the paint and then took on the challenge of building the tv stand finally.

I almost taught Storm a few new words, but in the end I got it together.

Thank goodness for kids who are old enough to hold things and use a level and make a two adult job possible with just us.

It's coming along. I can almost see it.

I've a few more pieces of molding to cut and put up. The floor needs to be repainted. I do not like the porch paint that the guy at the store told me to use at all. The window needs one more piece still. I've got to decide on a bookshelf or something for the laundry area.

And of course, furniture and a tv. And all the other little a ceiling and insulation ...

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