Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dr Who?

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I'll admit I've never watched an episode, but when Storm wanted to paint her door like a TARDIS, I just said okay.

I didn't really know what it looked like, so I had her download a picture off the internet that we could use to make a pattern on graph paper.

Then I had her sand her door down and paint me a base coat of white and then a coat of blue.

A few days of no door on her bedroom was enough for me and I decided to get it done while they were gone for the weekend.

Most of the lines painted on. I only said a few bad words, as the tape insisted on pulling up all the layers of paint, down to the wood in a few spots.

Gingerly painting on a few more lines...

I tried to make my own stencil for the writing but that was a big fail. The paint pens I bought were also useless.

I decided to quit for the night and maybe hunt up some lettering at Michaels instead. Turns out they had nothing suitable but I did end up finding white transfer paper, so I used that to trace out my original lettering.

I also found a printout of the sign online for the blue square, so I just glued it on.

Then, late one night after work, I sprayed it with a couple layers of poly and hung it up.

I think it looks pretty amazing!!

Storm loves it. Every night she goes into her TARDIS and goes to bed!

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