Monday, August 16, 2010

Swap Shop Finds

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While looking for a buffet for the sitting room, mom and I saw a lot of 'interesting' furniture.  Most of it extremely ugly and overpriced. 

Until we went into the local antique store/swap shop. 

We (I) didn't really expect to find much there in my price range (cheap!).

In fact, we had declared the place a bust when the owner had asked us if we had went down to the basement, as she had more stuff down there. 


So down we trudged, with me thinking I'd just find more of the same down there as I did upstairs.

And lo and behold, we found something!!

Okay actually we found about 4 somethings, but two wouldn't fit in the place I was thinking about.  We did find the buffet there, for a mere $45, broken and looking for help.  I also found this huge blond coffee table.  I've been randomly on the search for a big, square, black coffee table to put in front of my sectional downstairs.  Well she may not be black, but she's definitely big and square!

After borrowing a sander from my FIL, I took it outside and sanded it down.  Just to discover it was really laminate and not wood.  Oh well.  It scratched it up a bit and I had primer!  A coat of primer and three coats of really pathetic paint (DON'T buy HH Beauti-tone Paint, what a waste of time that stuff was.  I had to put on three coats and in some spots I can still see where I should have done 4 (FOUR!! Zomg I don't think so!)) 


Here be the final results.

She fits in perfectly!!! Oh and she was $25 people!

Twenty five bucks, NO TAX! 


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