Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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On our vacation, one of the things Clayton really wanted to do was get some of those old-fashioned photos done.  We found a place on Cavendish Boardwalk that specialized in them.  He decided on the theme, and a short while later, 4 thrilled kids got to dress up like old time gangsters.  Hunter immediately called driving the car.  Clayton refused to smile, only smirking as he figured befit a hardened criminal.  Blade was thrilled to be all dressed up and holding a gun.  Storm, my born model, was beyond excited to be posing for the camera in a sequin dress and high heels, with a gun of course.  Ryan couldn't believe how heavy the 'prop' gun was, and mom and I rocked out our dresses.  A couple of hours later and a whole lot poorer, we had our awesome photos and memories to take home.

Back home, I really really wanted to get some nice frames for these pictures.  I took the kids a couple of times to Red Deer and searched out Walmart and Zellers for the perfect frames.  Clayton couldn't imagine why I just couldn't grab the first black frames I saw that were the right size.  Storm and Blade also had no problem picking out something they figured would work.  Ah, if only I were satisfied so easily!!!  I figured I'd make one trip through Michael's to see if I could find any really nice frames in my price range.  Although, by this time, I was willing to pay for the perfect ones, almost no matter what.. but not really, because as you all know, I'm sort of cheap :P

BUT, it must have been fate or something (as I don't read flyers, that would be too easy!!) because the day I decided to go to Michael's they were having a Buy One Get One Free on ALL frames in the store.  So although I only needed 3 frames, you can bet your bottom dollar I took home my 4th free one!

Anyways, here are some not so good pictures of my frames on the wall and the subsequent picture I had blown up to fill in my 4th free frame!


Waiting to be hung on the wall
It took a few days for me to decide on which photo to blow up!


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