Friday, December 2, 2011

Tablecloth Finite!

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I can see! I can see! LASIK is done. Vision is 20/20. Inflammation appears to be gone and I'm down to the end of my eye drops. Thankfully. Ryan and I are both more than tired of them and the trips to Calgary.

So I can see, but I'm extremely behind on every thing else.

Christmas? When? How long? Ohhh shoot.

I've had the transfers for the rest of the tablecloth printed out since before my LASIK, but that's about as far as they got. So after deciding I was done acting like an invalid, I wrangled Mom into coming over again. After all, we'd already wrecked the finish on my table, might as well not stop now.

There was a bit more double and triple checking going on this time to make sure we didn't have any years upside down, but it also went way faster. I wasn't quite so hesitant to iron them, plus there isn't 15 years of pictures for the little kids yet!

Storm's section
Blade's section
Hunter's section.

We were trying to conserve as much space at the bottom of the sections as possible. And Mother has strict instructions to not make the next 10 years of ornaments BIG.

It's a hard thing to get a full photo of!

So whadda ya think? Good enough to spill gravy on??


  1. What a great idea karrie!!! I love it.

  2. I sooooo would be putting a clear plastic tablecloth over that before I set that gravy boat down!!!!!! It's adorable.

  3. Don't worry, I'm sure that tablecloth will come off before any food gets near it! I only cringed a little as Hunter sat down last night to do his homework on it.


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