Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grab a Kleenex

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And shed a little tear.

We used the tablecloth Christmas Eve, and it got few stains on it. I mean, that's what I made it for right? To be used.

I made the decision long ago that things in this house had to be able to handle normal washing.  Dry clean only items get tossed in the washer. You have to be strong to survive in this house.

So even though I had tested a transfer on this same cloth, and washed and dried it and it came out fine, apparently the new tablecloth couldn't handle it.  But fear not! Because in my pile of most excellent Christmas presents came this new beautiful table runner.

Mom took six left over squares of Christmas material that I had sitting in my container since I made my Xmas bags two or three years ago. She said she was going to maybe make them into bags for me. She's sneaky that way.

She had the kids sign their names in fabric marker and then she added some details, such as long black hair for Clayton and a gift in the hands of Blade's snowman. This is why my mom will always be more epic than me.

Hunter's had black thread buttons added down the front, and Storm's got long blonde hair added to it. How cute is that?

Hunter signed Ryan's name to his and it received a cute red moustache, while Storm penned my name and my snowman got some added buttons. I love this tablecloth so much that I'm not even sad over mine.

My uncle once called me fickle. I think he may have been onto something....

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