Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is ... Plastic?

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It won't stop snowing.  The realtor is coming tomorrow. Didn't Mother Nature get the memo that Spring started a couple of days ago and Karrie really really needs to get out and perk up the outside??!

So I did what will seem like an awesome epic idea come those hot months when I totally forget I even own plants, let alone remember to water them.

I bought more plastic flowers.

Okay, okay. I know plastic flowers are tacky. You won't catch them inside my house but for outside they're perfect for a forgetful lazy ass like me. After all, we all seen what happened last year....

I originally just bought enough flowers for the mailbox planter and the hanging plant out back (the one that held the ever hopeful surviving plant). I had tossed an old silk ivy into this planter on the front step. I tried to make that greenery work with just a few added trailing plastic flowers, but I decided I hated the ivy. So I ditched it and came up with this arrangement instead. They'll be sitting on the front step.

A quick extra trip to the dollar store for some replacement plants and I have the backyard hanging planter ready to go.

I grabbed some pretty sunflowers for the mailbox planter.

Why yes, that IS snow coming down. It just won't quit.

The neighbor was laughing at me taking a picture of my fake plants. She said it surely was a Kodak moment. I refrained making any childish remarks back at her. Or any teenagerish remarks either.

Little did she know, I had a whole post cooking in my head over this picture. So there.

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