Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Looming "L" Day

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"L" Day is looming. And right after it, "M" day.  Hopefully with a great big SOLD sign in between there. If I don't have a nervous breakdown before then. So much to do.

What? You don't live in my head? You have no clue what I'm nattering on about??

LIST Day. The day that fills my little head with thoughts of obsessive cleaning, purging, and results in me scribbling out a four page to-do list.

Things like: frames emptied, garage sale stuff out to the shed, video games sorted and sold, same for dvds and books. Stairs repainted. Deck washed. Fridge and stove pulled out and washed. Door repainted from Rodeo. Yes, we did that once. Lovely dog insists we do it again. Closets cleaned out. And it goes on and on and on. Sort of like me.

Oh and it's potato shipping season. Soon to be followed by aspargus season. Followed by Karrie in the corner, rocking and sobbing.

Oh alright, perhaps if I didn't delay so much. Or sit on this computer writing this blog post.

Sunday, despite Ryan being sick, we did manage to purge out the DVDs.

My desk and shelves have never looked so clean! I figured if I was going to clean out the DVDs, it would be a good time to toss all that other stuff up there. I'm talking to you useless cords and extra mouse.

I even put the DVDs up for sale on  Sweet Moving Sale

Well go on, go buy them. Didn't you hear? List day is in 10 days.

Oh god, T E N days.


  1. My potatoes arrived today! List day rhymes with Bliss day.

  2. You sure? 'cause I'm pretty sure List Day rhymes with holyshitI'llneverkeepthishouseclean Day. Waaah. Where's the maid when I need her. Damn lazy wench.


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