Sunday, April 27, 2014

Now you see them, now you don't!

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My friend and I kicked butt this weekend in the disaster of a back yard!

Two trips to the dump, so much crap out from under the deck, all the old leftover paint from the last owners, and this.....

No longer looks remotely like that hot mess!

The backyard was so squished with all those huge spruce trees, it was super annoying to park back there. Like a fifty point turn to get dad's big truck backed in. No fun.

And, I need all the space I can get for a real garage and lawn.

So two girls with lots of ambition, enthusiasm and optimism bought some hand saws and went to work!

Partly done! We can see across the back alley! Not that I really enjoy the view, nor the openness of it all but I'm so glad to see those trees gone!

The first load of branches. We made a quick trip to the farm to dump them off. So glad to see some gone.

Oh, but look! There's more.....

Those trees made an obscene amount of branches.

The next load we got a little smarter and piled much higher. And then picture me up there jumping on spruce boughs like they were my own little trampoline to flatten them down, and then add even more to the truck.

Thankfully I didn't manage to kill or maim myself either!

Oh but look at that lovely view!

There's still leaves and debris to be raked up and bagged, but it's an amazing difference.

I'm ready to rip the rest of the stuff down now too!

Exciting actual tangible change is a lovely thing.

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