Saturday, April 19, 2014

The best thing ever.

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I've been obsessing over a Nest for forever.

When we lived in the condo, it was an impossibility. That whole 'doesn't belong to us' thing.

I swore when I bought this place, one of the first things I'd do would be to buy a Nest and install it.

Well, I did buy one about 2 weeks after we moved in here, but then I kind of hesitated on installing it. What if I screwed something up? And the wall needed to be painted. And what if I did it wrong....

Um, yea. This thermostat was the easiest thing to install!!

I did read up on it, and watch the installation video, which was reassuring to me that I could actually do this.

Ignore the holes. And the fact that I hadn't even finished painting the second coat on the wall before I snapped this pic. The wall is not even this color in person!

I was just so excited and impressed. I had to share with my friends.

Below it is some old humidex control. I didn't remove it yet as I'm not sure if it's hooked up or not until I have the furnace guy tell me what's what.

Oh yea. Now I can sit on my couch or lay in bed and change the temp in the house!

I'm in love.

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