Sunday, September 25, 2011


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All summer we've been trying to sell the car. After all, it was #12 on the list.

We dealt with scammers from Kijiji wanting us to send it overseas. They were willing to pay us more!

We dealt with no shows. We dealt with radio silence (perhaps the worst of all). No news is NOT good news when you're trying to find a buyer!

We dealt with mishandled advertising. Not to mention dealing with multiple re-listing of the car online.

But today. Today we drove my car to a really nice couple, and left it behind.

So sad. On one hand, I'm happy to be shot of the payments, the insurance bill and to cross something off my list. On the hand, it was my baby! /sob

Bye car! I'll always love you!

Although not so much on those windy days!!


  1. Oh my goodness, it's so tiny! I never see those around here. The only time I've seen them up close was in Italy. I'm glad you found a buyer.

  2. Thanks! I miss having a second vehicle but I'm happy we found a buyer too. Winter was creeping up faster and faster on us!


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