Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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The part of the whole carpet process I've been dreading has happened.

We agreed to move our furniture out of the rooms. Mostly because I don't like other people touching my stuff, but also to save money. Let me tell you, I would have been mortified if anyone had seen the mess under my sectional!! Wowzsa. A pack of rats must have went under there and shed all the hair they had! So not nice.

Anyways, early this morning my sitting and dining room looked like this.

And in a surprisingly short amount of time, it now looks like this:

Ninety percent of the stuff from four bedrooms and a hall closet, including doors.

Not so bad really. It took way less time than I thought it would and took up way less space than I thought. We arranged to have the carpet installed in two separate visits, as I really didn't think we had room to put all the furniture from two levels into the other two levels but we did it. We even had time and space to empty Clayton's room, which we weren't going to do until the upstairs carpet was totally installed. The sectional is moved and downstairs. I hope to not move it again until we sell it! Wow, what a heavy awkward piece of furniture.

It will all be worth it though. The carpet we have now is nasty. I don't know as people actually notice the stains, but downstairs they are the most visible.

Even in this picture it's hard to see, but all those dark shaded spots are really stains. Stains that never go away. Having rolling office chairs has not helped this poor carpet either.

I can't wait.

The chairs have been sold. The furniture has been moved. The nasty hair has been vacuumed.

Bring on my new carpet!

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