Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There is no crafting without cursing

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My mom went to see my grandma and came home with a surprise for me.

Not only did she agree to give me her wedding set, she also sent home my great grandma's engagement ring, a locket my great grandpa gave his intended before she became my great grandmother, and also her mother's earrings. Earrings so old they attach by turning the small screw on the back until they were tight against your earlobe. Have to wonder how comfortable they were!

This time when I put the ribbons on the ring inside the frames, I was a bit smarter and attached them to the matting, rather than the back paper. I also hot glued small pieces of cardboard to the side of the frames to hold the paper back further. Not sure why I didn't think of that the first time I did them!

But you say, where's the cursing in all that?! Well, it wouldn't be a craft of mine if it wasn't more than slightly frustrating. Those earrings. The ones with the fancy screw backs. The ones that liked to flip and twist and slide and turn. Do you think they would hold still on the ribbon for me to figure out how to place them in that tiny frame?? Mom was over though, and together with a little family cursing, we put a little hot glue on the earrings and glued them to the ribbon!

And then figured out a configuration that we both loved! I love how the ring sits behind the pearls in the earrings. There's not a lot of space in that little frame but we made it work!

This time I also made little notes for behind the paper stating who the rings belonged to and their wedding date. I glued them with a few dabs of hot glue and left room to tuck in my grandma's original notes.

As for the locket, I took apart my scrapbooked frame, and taped it to the middle of the picture. Luckily it is thin and the back had a little bit of give in it.

All back up on the wall again! Looks like I may need to go on the hunt for a few more small frames though if I ever get to Rimbey to ask my dad's mom for her rings!

Oh darn. More shopping. Curses!

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