Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jobs of the Day

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So, I don't have to work today, and what does it do? Rain and snow.  So much for cleaning out the van and maybe finally washing it after 6 months.

Instead, I will finish banishing Winter from the front entrance.

I'm going to attempt to sew the plastic of one of the pockets that got ripped over the winter season. Worst thing happens, it won't work and it will still be ripped.

Also, while in the basement (getting distracted and delayed by other pending projects) I found a bag full of stuff from my mom that she saved from my childhood.  Today is the day to purge it out.  Close  your eyes Mom!

It's full of such treasures as the first skirt I ever made in 4-H, my old autograph book, and other fascinating stuff such as a scrapbook filled with cut-outs of anytime I ever made the paper.

Should be an interesting browse through history, but that's all.  After I waste more time reading instead of cleaning, go through it all, it's headed for the garbage.  Like I said, you might wanna close your eyes Mom.

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