Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Son of a ......

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I was done. I even took a picture of my lovely boxes, all labeled and everything.

I finished the kid's pictures today and printed up some sweet little labels for the boxes.

How cute is that!

And then, oh yes there is an "and then" to this story, I went upstairs to find the scrapbook I had done a few years ago of Ryan's running awards and photos.

Well, I found it, right where I left it. I also found the rest of the photos!

Damn it.  See, I knew I had four stacks of photos left to put into the albums.  But I thought those photos were the stack of photos I found in the filing cabinet....

Um, no.  I still have another 200 photos to go!! AHHHHH.

I'm going to name this the project that just won't die.

And then I have to deal with that scrapbook, which is really well done, if I say so myself, but why oh why did I put it in a flowery yellow book???!


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