Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let there be light.

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This is our closet.

That is our wonkily placed light.  Who the heck puts a light behind the door?? Where it does absolutely NO good unless you go in and shut the door behind you.  It matched the heat duct in the floor.  Why yes, don't you have a heat duct in your 7' by 3' closet as well??  Mmhmm.  Excellent planning former owners, excellent planning.

I've cursed that light since we moved in here *ahem* over 6 years ago.  This year I wrote it on the list though.

While Storm and I did this on Sunday:

Ryan made more than a few trips up the ladder into the crawl space and a trip to the hardware store to sort out this:

And eventually we ended up with this:

We just decided to put a plate over the old light box.  There are still wires running from it to a plug so we couldn't remove it totally without excessive head scratching on which wire went where.  The new light is on the ceiling, where it should have been to begin with. D'uh.  If you look closely, and really, I wish you wouldn't, you'd see that it could use a paint job now around the plate. 

Remember how much I hate painting bathrooms??  Well, a closet is a lot like a bathroom, minus the toilet!  Full of corners and moulding.  Boo.  I just wouldn't hold your breath about me painting in there before we sell.  After all, the plate is behind the door....

And this lovely sight is all you see when you go in my closet now.

Well, that and my mess of necklaces hanging off the end of the shelving organizers.   That's on the list though too!

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