Monday, January 24, 2011


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Yes, tackling the upstairs bathroom and it's holes. 

Technically, it didn't need painted.  The hand towel holder had fell off the wall, with little help I'm sure from three little kids, leaving a couple of screw holes behind.  The toilet tank was once screwed to the wall as well.  (Sounds weird I'm sure, but it's the style of the toilet).  Anyways, although the previous owners left behind the paint from the house, it's been really difficult to figure out which color went where, and the sheen seems to be different as well.  I don't know.  I figured I'd just repaint it instead of driving myself crazy with non-perfectly matching spot.

I had forgotten how much I hate painting bathrooms.  Listen, I don't want to smoosh my face up against my toilet at the best of times, let alone try and get an even coat behind it.

Bah.  That's all I have to say.

Here's the somewhat prepped before picture.

I gave up on the tape pretty quickly.  I mostly just taped off the side of the vanity and behind the door where the two different mouldings meet from the door and the closet, aka the worst part to paint in the bathroom.

What? You can't tell a difference???!  Why yes, it is still beige.  We're painting for re-sale still people.
It's actually a much, much lighter brown. 
Heh.  This color has a story all to it's own.  See, I didn't want to buy Home Hardware paint again, since the last batch I had was so crappy.  So I went into our little tiny Benjamin Moore store to see if he could color match to my paint square.  Why, sure, yes they do color match.  Can they call me at this number when it's ready?  Huh? Can't you just do it in like 5 minutes??  Don't you have a little computer scanner??   Uh, no.  Apparently, according to him, he was going to 'eyeball' it.     ...
Let's say I was a wee bit unconvinced by his ability to eyeball it.  But in all honestly, when I came back, he had it pretty much color perfect.  You couldn't even see it on the paint paper?tab?thing?, what ever they are called. 
Here's it all back to normal, with a hand towel holder even!!

Ryan re-caulked the bathroom tub while we had it tore apart, so that's TWO things we get to cross off the list. 

Go us!


  1. You guys are owning that list - well done!

    Love that Benjamin Moore is holding out against the computer age...

  2. I think they are just too cheap to buy a computer scanner!!


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