Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Boxes

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I did it!

I can cross #21 off the list.  Hurray!

I put on my big girl panties, went back to Michael's and was prepared to buy ugly photo boxes.  Luckily for me, as I walked up to the store, I noticed they had a whole bunch more outside AND they had some plain black and white ones.  They may not be the red or orange I was looking for but they aren't pink stripes or airplanes either.  Hurray!

So I ended up with this:

From all of these:

I not only did the binders of pictures my mom had gave me, I also did the three neatly annotated Anne Geddes albums that I had organized quite a few years ago, before all my ambition died.  I'm sort of sad to see the colorful albums go, but I'll get over it.

And to be real, this is what it really looked like after I was done....

Ay caramba.

Let's just look at them like this:

Now I need to get the kid's albums all sorted out and into the extra boxes I bought.  And make labels for the boxes. And actually throw away all those empty albums that are still sitting on my dining room floor. 

So much to do, so little ambition. 

On a side note, I've been off the coffee and pop for four days now.  My muscles have stopped protesting, my brain no longer feels like it's about to implode, I've stopped yawning (finally!) and now I just need the pounds to magically melt away like all this damn snow outside. 

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