Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm not ready

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Snow.  How can it be snow time already??

I guess I'd better transform my nice, neat (ha!) summer entryway back into the hot mess that is my winter entryway.

Away go the spring coats, and all the hoodies the children seem to think are necessary to leave at the front door.

This is really only a small amount that lives in my teeny tiny entryway. And somehow, those chewed up mitts of Blade's managed to miss the spring toss out earlier this year. Perhaps the worst part of this all is that I pre-wrote part of this post, without the pictures, as I didn't have anything done yet. It was just on my mind that I had better dig out the winter stuff, after I had to send the kids to school today in their fall coats and the only little skinny finger gloves I could find. And then, you know, I actually had to do it, since I had a post partially written with absolutely no pictures, because I was still in my pajamas sitting at my computer waiting for my coffee to be done. Which turned into me sorting out summer clothes to go into the donation bag, deciding I need baskets for Storm's sock drawer, eyeing the mess in my basement of left-over Halloween stuff that hasn't been put on Kijiji yet (and promptly going back upstairs for a coffee rather than dealing with it), realizing I still haven't bought the paint for the basement den, let alone painted it yet.

Forced ambition. Nothing good comes out of it. Back to the stuff I actually did get done....

Out came the glove organizer and baskets of hats, scarves and neck warmers.

Oh Winter, how I loathe thee.

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