Friday, October 7, 2011

Taking care of Number One

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On the list that is.

Yesterday was the first day of install. These guys were super fast and within a couple of hours I was looking at this sight:

The carpet had all been removed and hauled away. The floor had been vacuumed and sprayed down. I was a little surprised how nice looking the stringers were. It made me wish I had attempted to hardwood them myself like I thought about doing a few years ago. I was just afraid of what kind of builder mess I would find under the carpet, and didn't want to pull the carpet up myself just to say "Ah, crap."

By lunch, they had the upstairs mostly done. Enough for me to take this dizzying photo of the difference between the old carpet and the new.

Huge, huge difference.

I'm so glad we went with the darker choice. It all looks amazing.

By the end of their work day even the downstairs looked like this:

They came back this morning and within three hours they had the downstairs totally completed as well.

It's still very strange to me. Darker. Plusher. Still catches me by surprise when I look at it.

If you have eagle eyes, you can see our sectional in pieces in the basement still. I couldn't wait to take some pictures!

Ryan came home and we moved all the computers and furniture back up to this level.  If I never have to move that freaking heavy awkward sectional again, I'll be a happy camper.

Wait, I have my computer and my internet back. I'm already happy!

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