Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Curiosity, I swear.

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Clayton would like to know if I'm obsessed.  Obsessed with tissue paper art.

I'm not. I just have ideas. Ideas I must try! With every idea that works out, it just makes me want to try out the next one. And the next one.

I did a collage of the cast of Clone Wars. After a bit of frustration and a few experiments, it turned out so good.  Good enough that Ryan thought it was one solid piece of tissue paper.

So that lead me to thinking that maybe I could do a bigger canvas. I'd have to piece it as my printer is only standard size. As you can see, the smallest poster size that my printer would print is too large for the leftover canvasses I had in the basement.  Of course it was.

Ah well, that just meant that I could wrap the picture around the sides of the canvas making it look even more professional.  I measured out and taped off the initial placement of the first square.

A little bit of cursing incurred when the first piece of tissue paper ripped just a smidge when I pulled off the tape.

Considering it's four different pieces (and you can't mess around repositioning with tissue paper and glue) it turned out pretty seamless.

I really like the edges. So it turns out it was a good thing I only had smaller canvasses left.

When I was fooling around in Photobucket, changing the above picture from it's original state to the Fresco effect, I also changed it to the Neon effect.

And then put it on canvas.

Not because I'm obsessed.

It's called curiosity. I have to find out if I can do that crazy idea floating around in my head.

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