Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How far did we get?

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Hard to believe it's a new year and time to write a new 2012 To Do List.

But how far did we get on our 2011 To Do List?   Only three items didn't get crossed off.
  • 11.  Pay off vacation.  Yeah, right. Like that was going to happen. We'll just call that a lofty unrealistic goal of Karrie's.
  • 26. Make a necklace holder.   Although my necklaces still randomly fall to the floor (because they are all hanging on the tiny little knobs that sticks out from our shelf organizer in a big clumpy mess), I just never seemed to get around to making anything.
  • 28. Make Storm's painted shirts.   To make matters worse on this list item, I actually bought the freezer paper, the fabric paint, the applicators AND the shirts, and I still didn't get it done. No excuses on this one.
That's only three out of 32 that didn't get done though! That's pretty damn good.

We finally got rid of our beat up carpet and got some lush new pretty stuff:

I said good-bye to my baby:

Made a new desk with my Dad's help. I miss that man.

Did quite a lot of painting and fixing.


Most of which will help in some way for our 2012 goals which include selling and moving!

Picture me on 10 cups of coffee and all the kid's Christmas chocolate. That's how excited I am.

Hey, if you're going to leave that chocolate unattended, I'm going to eat it. Just saying.

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