Monday, February 6, 2012

Rings full of memories

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These are my mom's wedding rings.

Standing sorting potatoes all day long, my mind tends to wander. I was standing there thinking about my Dad and somehow started thinking about my mom's old wedding set. I've had it in my case for the last 22 years. I wore them for a couple of years after they split up then gradually I stopped wearing so many rings and I put them away in my case.

My brother and I had a really great childhood for kids whose parents would eventually divorce. We never seen them fight. They never swore. The closest my mom would come was to give my dad the finger. Which amused us kids to no end as we knew she was pissed then. He would usually grin and soon enough she would come back into the room and that would be the end of it. From a child's perspective anyways. By the time they separated, we had grown up and realized not everything was so simple as it seems when you are 6.

In my wandering thoughts, I decided I wanted to do something with those old rings that I've had just stored away. No one will ever wear them again but they symbolize a really great childhood for me and I wanted them out where they could remind me.

I decided to frame them. I found some small square frames that would be deep enough to hold the rings on a ribbon.

I bought four because I've decided to ask my Grandmas for their rings as well. Both my Grandpas are gone now, and I'm hoping they might let me frame their rings. The fourth is for my set. Eventually I will get a new ring and I plan on framing mine as well.

Shopping with Storm, it's no surprise we came home with a whole pack of scrapbook paper!

In my frame, I'm hanging a tiny key that we had floating around here. It actually came with a really cheap pair of Blade's handcuffs. I eventually tossed the broken cuffs, but kept the key.

The other two frames just got a square of scrap book paper. If the Grandmas say no, I'll find something else to hang in there eventually. But for now, they look cute just like that.

I think I'm in love with this idea. I wish I had done it sooner!

Now to find the perfect place to hang them. I'd like to do a gallery wall, but that will have to wait until after the big move!

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