Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Framed Art

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While trying to think of where to hang my small square frames with my mom's rings, I happened to think of the area where we had a framed picture of our wedding invitation.

A family friend gave us this as a wedding present.  Although I loved the sentiment and idea of it, I've never liked the color. Green is not my favorite.

I thought maybe I could take it apart and somehow save the invite and the flowers but change out the green to better match the small ring frames.  Too bad for me, she really glued those flowers on there! I dug through my box of keepsakes though and happened to find an invitation I had saved.

Mine has a wee bit of water damage on the bottom of it. I figured I could disguise it though with matting. Unfortunately, no matter which paper I held up to it, I just couldn't come up with anything I loved. I kept coming back to one particular piece of scrap book paper that I really, really liked. Only problem was the best part of the design was right in the middle of the page.

So I decided to toss the invitation back into the keepsake box until I could come with some ideas for it and just frame the paper by itself!

I painted the green outline of the mat with some leftover red paint I had. The frame I spray painted with some left over off white from the cupboard repair. I didn't want bright white as the small frames are not quite white either.

Sorry about the flash. It's super hard to get a good picture this time of day in this house of shadows!

I love the way it turned out. Love it. Now to get them all hung up!!

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