Monday, February 7, 2011


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We had a great Halloween party last year.  The kids had fun.  We played Fear Factor, in which I couldn't even gag down even one item.  The house was all decorated up.  The food was made and ate.  The drinks were drank.  The candles burnt down the house.

Okay, not quite.

But at the end of the party, we seen just how close it was to a flaming Halloween party.  I'd show you the total damage to the corner shelving unit but by the time I got to taking pictures, it already looked like this!

The husband had the two burnt spots dug out, and the fill in.

Oh wait, did you notice that it's February and I'm just typing about something that happened 3 months ago?!

Yea.  Well, after noticing that I almost set the house on fire, we took the cupboard down right away and ended up putting it out in the shed.  The burn holes were really, really warm still.  I was a little worried it might just spontaneously start a fire, so we moved it out of the house.  And there it sat.  Until last weekend!

We move quick around here people.

Actually, I just wasn't sure what we were going to do to fix it.  Or if we were going to fix it at all.  Options weighed.  Coffee made.  Decisions delayed.  Welcome to the Sweet House.

Anyways, after he sanded, you can actually see more what we were dealing with.

Imagine that, but much worse.  Black, burnt holes in custom cabinentry.  Awesome.
I went downtown, had a date with Blade at McDonald's, shopped for paint and groceries.  And I came home to a paint bay in my white, white kitchen.....

Let's just not talk about that part.

Mom figured the color of our cupboards might be RV White.  I actually found a color called Dover White in a spray can, (not ideal, but I'll take it) that perfectly matched the cupboard.  Thankfully, it was the under part of the shelf that was burnt, so you can't tell that it is gloss paint instead of a matte.

Almost back together.

Tada!  Weird useless shelf back where it belongs. 

I promise to never burn candles on that shelf ever again. 

And that's #3 off the list


  1. I like the weird shelf. Nice work.

  2. I'm so happy that now, only I will probably ever notice that we(I) almost set the house on fire! I wish I could say it was the first time, but there was a small incident with a plastic flipper on a hot burner...


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