Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby K's Blanket

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Done! My first ever blanket.

I spent this morning fixing that top white seam. When I took it off the frame they way they suggested, it ended up pulling it really tight making the ends curl in.

I couldn't handle it. As it is, the blue end curls in slightly too. But I'm just going to attempt to ignore that.

It looks a bit wonky in the picture. I swear it's not. At least the "wrong side" of the lettering still looks decent.

I pulled out the stitching they had suggested and came up with my own idea instead.

The right side is fixed. The left you can see how it is still pulled in.

I think it will do.  The baby who is just going to possibly drool, puke, pee and drag it around eventually won't care it's not perfect. But then what handmade thing is?

Nothing by me anyways!

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