Sunday, June 29, 2014

A spot to sit!

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The game room slash laundry room has gone through extreme changes since we moved in.

It started off with a bunch of miscellaneous cupboards, built by the infamous Grandpa Frankenstein no doubt, a terrible paint job, a bunch of junk left behind by the previous owners including two dryers and a terrible washing machine.

Cue a shopping trip for new machines and a whole lot of destruction.

Hunter got recruited to help take down the old cupboards and completely gut the room. Even that much made a huge difference in the look.

Next up: a lot of taping and painting.  Thankfully the kids were just as anxious as me to paint this room!

It was all starting to come together.  We couldn't resist testing what the moulding was going to look like up even.

I have to say it was turning out exactly how I seen in my mind.

A trip to IKEA for a couch and some poster frames, a wall organizer full of shelves for laundry supplies and a TV stand, as well as another stop for the most important part of the least according to the boys..a new TV!

There's still work to be done in there, but for now the outside world is calling me! There's a whole deck and sunroom still to rip down as well as a house to paint!

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