Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Well, it's better

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The thing about being a working single mother is that sometimes things just don't get their fair share of attention. Especially if said mother works a LOT of hours.

We were starting to become "that" neighbor...

The one with quack grass so high you might as well start mowing it instead of weeding it out.

Let it be said I dislike flower beds. Unfortunately the former owner must have had time on their hands and a yen for flowers .. or at least a potential spot to put flowers.

Thankfully I've got kids. While Storm made supper, the boys and I tackled the lawn and a bit of the front lawn.

Hunter's first time with the mower. He did a decent job. He also tackled the weed whipper while I tackled those horrible flower beds.

It doesn't look fabulous but it looks better at least.

I say we brick it all over ....

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