Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fence Drying

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Ahh, the warmer weather has arrived.  With it also comes the constant asking for the sprinkler. With that comes the traipsing through the house, covered in grass, dripping wet, looking for a towel. Now as much as you know I love to clean, and do laundry, I thought I'd attempt a fence line drying system instead.

I started out with some dollar store carabiners, some eye hooks, and an old stack of kid towels. On an off note I seriously can't seem to pronounce that word correctly. It made asking for them in the hardware stores, on the hunt for cheap ones, interesting.

Most of these towels have been around for forever.  That top one is Clayton's Big Bird one I bought him when he was three!  I picked out towels that I knew I didn't care if I sewed or cut, ones that the kids would use, and ones that wouldn't matter if they hung out in the rain because the kids forgot them outside.

My original thought was to either make some loops out of binding or old material, or cut holes in the edges of the towels and just zigzag around them.  Digging through my sewing box though I found the oldest package of elastic known to mankind.  I'm pretty sure I've had it in there since college.  I figured it would work maybe even better than the other ideas.

Being the scientific time wasting sewer than I am, I laid out all the towels on top of each other on my spotlessly clean floor, and figured out which one was the smallest.

Then I just measured how far apart I could put the elastic loops, cut the elastic into 5 inch pieces, and sewed them onto all the towels, keeping the loops the same length away from each other on all the towels.

This would be the part where I show you the carabiners attached to the fence via eye hooks and my lovely towels floating and drying in the sun.  BUT there is no sun.  We took off on the long weekend to Ryan's sister's house on the sunny days and came home to rain and the forecast of rain for the rest of the week.

Ah well, use your imagination until the sun comes out again!

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