Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday's Progress

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If one of our lovely trees must get a strange disease, have it's leaves all turn brown and crispy, and then proceed to die, why, oh why, must it be one of the ones between nosy neighbor and us??

Although I vaguely remember saying that I wasn't going to replace any trees until right before we moved, Ryan couldn't stand the dead tree and stopped at the store and bought a new one.  He said he picked the tallest one there, but it is a little petite when  you stand it next to our four year old trees.  Let's hope it catches up a bit this year and doesn't decide to do like the last guy in that spot and die!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday.  Okay beautiful may be too strong of a word.  But it didn't rain, it didn't try to blow us away, and the mosquitoes were on vacation.  I managed to get all my flowers planted and pumpkin and sunflower seeds in the ground.


Let's hope they look a little more impressive soon.


  1. Already looks impressive to me. I love the mailbox too. Wanna come work in my yard? pleezzz

  2. Thanks! I love that mailbox too. I should post a picture of the trees now. In the last week they have totally leaved out and are nice and big and green. Let's hope they all decide to stay living this year! I might not be such a help in your yard, with my plant fatality rate! LOL


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