Friday, May 20, 2011

It just keeps on giving

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Ever since I got the shredder (which I had convinced Ryan we needed, for privacy and those weirdos who go through your garbage) I've been sort of annoyed at where it has ended up. I had it on the small shelf under the old desk. Tucked back in there covered in dust, and unplugged half the time, I never used it to it's whole potential. So when I was planning out my new desk configuration, I decided my shredder needed to be on a platform with casters so I could easily pull it out and use it.

Enter the old desk.

Ryan cut a rectangle piece out of the back leg supports. I made him spray paint it black though. Unlike the dog dish holder

We bought some small casters at the store.

Ryan attached them in all corners. I meant to do this part myself. I even mentioned it in front of my mom and Ryan that I had meant to do it that day but hadn't got around to it. I swear it wasn't a ploy to get Ryan to get on it and attach them, but by the time Mom left, he had them on.

Voila! A platform.

I'm debating adding a handle to it. I might just add a small rope one. We will see how much it gets pulled out first though!

Today also marks the first time in a year that my child tax gets to go straight into the account and not towards paying for the deck.  I'm debating celebrating by spending it on booze and gas.  That's not too redneck of a thing to do is it??! 

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