Monday, May 30, 2011

Famous last words

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Perhaps if you are eagle eyed, you may have noticed something going on in the background of the last post's last picture.

Yes, the Smart Car is in pieces.  Well a few anyways.  Soon after we bought it, a rock managed to smash out the cover of the fog light.

Although the light itself still worked, the broken cover didn't look so good.  When we were in Sherwood Park last weekend, Ryan took the opportunity to go into Edmonton to Mercedes and grab a new light.  The guy at the parts department said it would be easy to change out.  Just a couple of screws.  Famous last words.

What it really entailed was taking apart both side panels and the front panel.

This picture doesn't really show how much Ryan had it apart.  By the time I remembered to grab my camera he was already putting it back together. 

Hmm. That makes it sound like it was an easy process.  I'm going to say by the scowl on Ryan's face throughout, that it was much, much more annoying than a few screws.

We have a light again though! A really, really clean light compared to the rest of the car. Next up on my job list appears to be cleaning the car!

Also, if we ever want to change the color of the car, Ryan now knows how to get 50% of the panels off.....

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