Friday, May 27, 2011

This year's victims

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It's Friday.  *happy dance* 

While out and about today, I stopped at Costco and picked up some flowers for the planters in the front and back.  If it ever stops raining, or looking like it's going to rain, I'm going to plant these babies.  Even I can get them to live until July, at least. 

I wouldn't hold out for their life expectancy to be too much past that.  August comes. It gets hot. Karrie starts to drink. Forgets about ever watering these pretty flowers. Mourns passing of flowers with another cooler.  It's going to be an awesome summer.  Eventually.

Also, when I was out, I stopped at Old Navy.  I had $20 in Super Cash from Storm's shopping trip, that I had to use up by Saturday.  I noticed Clayton's socks were all holey again, so I grabbed a couple pairs for him.  I thought that the sign said $12 a piece, so I figured I'd at least spend my $20 anyways.  Standing in line, falling for impulse buying, I grabbed a to-go cup for five bucks.  When she rang my stuff in, she said it was fifteen something.  Surprised, but wanting to use up my whole twenty dollars, I grabbed another to-go cup.

I thought the till said it was going to be $21.00, and I was lamenting that I never seem to have any real money on me anymore, and I was sure I didn't have a loonie, when she told me that my total was ... zero! Turns out the Super Cash comes off as a discount off the item, so there wasn't even any tax!

That my friends, makes my Friday, a frigging awesome Friday!

Also, side note, you can tell Blogger is American, as 'loonie' won't pass the spellcheck and any Canadian could tell you it's a real word!! Ha!

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