Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

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Today was a pretty great Mother's Day.  I mean I did bake all day, but that just means I have more snackies to eat all week!  The kids got me some really pretty earrings and a basket full of bath items. 

Last Sunday was a great day too.  In fact if you ask Rodeo, it was probably the best Sunday of his year so far! We went out to Dad's and he got to go and run free in the woods.  We only had one tense moment when we thought it was cute that he found the stray cat.  I mean after all, he loves cats. Too bad this cat wasn't so keen on him. Still it was funny to watch his reaction, that is, until he gave the cat chase across the road and into the neighbor's acreage, yelping and chasing as fast as he could, ignoring our yells to get back here right now. 

Looking rather pleased with himself

Anyways, after we worked on the desk, Dad wanted a little help with some trees he thought might be a threat to the trailer's roof.  Don't mind the old green fridge. It's only been there for about 6 months, probably will be there for another 6!

Whew. Those logs were wet, heavy and a really good workout!  I'm glad we got them all cut up and cleaned up though. 

No trip to Grandpa's would be complete without one (or ten) rides on the quads.

It was a really great day.  The kids played hard, Rodeo ran hard, we worked hard, and we all had the best time. 


  1. So glad you had a great day! Your dog cracks me up.

    PS I remember "The Rest Of The Story" but I don't know why. I don't know what it's from. There is a guy who public radio out of North Carolina whose show is called The Story. Maybe that's what I'm thinking of. But he did used to work in Canada...

  2. Thanks! Silly dog. He'll drive me to the loony bin yet.

    Was the "Rest of the Story" that you remember, a guy who would start with a 'common' known fact/story, and then say in the dramatic voice "And now for the Rest Of The Story" and he would fill in little known facts etc? I always liked that segment on the radio!


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