Saturday, August 13, 2011

Storm's Love

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Storm has a love. A love of color. A love of paint chips colors. So much so she comes home with another handful every time someone takes her to the hardware store.

She was fooling around gluing some of them together the other day. She had plans of putting them on the wall in her room. I figured I better re-direct some of that creative energy before I ended up with glue all over my walls. I showed her a post I had just seen over at YoungHouseLove where Sherry had made some art out of paint chips. Storm thought it looked pretty cool and I succeeded in persuading her into doing that with her chips instead. We started out with an old picture frame that held some of our wedding photos in the laundry room.

Oh, hello Hunter!

We also made a trip to the hardware store, where I pretended to shop, and she helped herself to a whole bunch of chips. She decided she definitely needed orange. And blue. And green. And purple. And yellow. I told her I liked the way the shades looked on display at the store and we decided to replicate the same order in our frame.

I had Ryan cut down the mat from the frame from four 4x6's to one big rectangle. Then I wanted him to figure out where I should start so that I would have the same size of blocks on each side. He, of course, took it a big step further and drew out lines for me to follow while gluing.

We ended up having to go back to the store to grab one more of each color, as Storm decided she didn't want the paint chip number showing so that moved them all up just enough that we came up short. Well, actually Grandma was going to the store anyways, so she picked up a few more chips, and then we went back down again to grab one more, and a milkshake. Hard work pedalling all the way downtown you know!

She loves it. As you can see, we ditched the mat and just put up the colors solo. I hung it in her room, but no word if the placement is final. I'll have to wait for the boss to come home from Grandma's and approve.

And as for the mat, never fear, it didn't end up in the garbage.  Blade claimed it and made his own art out of it!

I love the creativity of kids.

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